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Number Knowledge


Learning Centres

Warm Up Activities

Teacher Tools



 100's charts jigsaws

 bingo to 20

 bingo to 100

 bingo to 1000

 number words concentration

 0 -10       11-16       17-18      19-20

 number words bingo - to 100  

 number words snap - to 100

 odd and even numbers game

 odd and even game

 Sale of the numbers to 20

 Sale of the numbers to 100

 teen numbers

 number concentration 1-10  11-16  17-18  19-20

 number words to ten

 subatising jigsaw - by Sabiha  








 guess the number

 guess the number - 2

 guess my number - to 99

 How Many Dots?  1 2   

 Magic Number

 odd and even numbers

 secret number

 hundreds charts jigsaws

 swat it!


 recognition of numbers to 10

 recognition of numbers to 20

 recognition of numbers to 100

 reading numbers to 9,999

 I have... Who has...?

 reading numbers to 999

 recognition of numbers to 100

 reading numbers beyond 1000








 number flashcards - 500 - 520

 number flashcards - 100 by 1s

 number flashcards - 300-399

 number cards - 1300-1400

 number line to 20

 10's frames

 100's number charts

 1000's number charts

 1000's number charts - large

 100's number charts - large

 ordinal number flashcards  - words (large)

 ordinal number flashcards  - words (small)

 ordinal number flashcards -  numbers (large)

 ordinal number flashcards -  numbers (small)

 numerals 0 - 10

 number posters - by Sabiha  


 matching numbers to dots - spinner

 matching words to numbers to 10 - spinner

 matching words to numbers 11 to 20 - spinner

 matching words to numbers 10s to 100 - spinner

 matching words to numbers confusions 1 - spinner

 matching words to numbers confusions 2 - spinner

  random number generator to 1000

  estimate and check

 number words to ten

 number knowledge - to 1000

 ordinal number dot to dot - pear

 number words

 Colour by numbers

 rounding colour by number - Christmas

 star - number words to five



















Procedural Texts


 number recognition - 2.00

 number recognition  - 2.25

 reading and writing numbers to 1000

 number recognition -  oral

 number recognition (1.50)

 100 glasses and hat







Teacher Tools

Learning Centres




 Australian coins

 Australian money - SMARTBOARD   

 money game

 money task cards


 rounding money


 money - 2


Warm Up Activities


 first to $10.00

 I have... Who has...?  money




Learning Centres

Warm Up activities

Procedural Texts

Teacher Tools


 fraction snap - part 1  part 2

 fraction wall - procedural text, learning centre and display


 counting by halves

 counting by quarters

 counting by thirds

 equivalent fraction ZAP! 

 fraction wall - procedural text, learning centre and display



 fraction wall - procedural text, learning centre and display

 fraction notation flashcards - of a group and equivalent fractions 





 fractions - 2

 ordering fractions and equivalent   fractions

 fractions of a group

 sandwich fractions

 fractions of a group

 fractions - of a group and equivalent fractions


 fraction flashcards

 writing fraction notation



Doubling and Halving


Learning Centres



 doubles trail

 double up 

 halving numbers

 near doubles cootie catcher

 doubles cootie catcher

 butterfly - near doubles


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