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Information Technology


Critical and Creative Thinking


Thinking Skills

De Bonos Hats - display

Picture Association  

Tony Ryan's Thinker's Keys - template

KWL chart - template

mindmap - template

fact wall - template

Venn diagram comparison - template

comparison double bubble - template

Bloom's activities - template

organised cluster - template

catastrophe scale



goal setting

review of our year



 Who Owns the Fish? large 3 x 3 shared reading

 I've Lost my Diary! - logic puzzle

 Who came first? - logic puzzle

 pet parade - logic puzzle

 School Days - large 3 x 3 shared reading - logic puzzle

 Which Triplet? - large 3 x 3 shared reading

 logic puzzle grid - large 3 x 3

 At the Car Wash - small 3 x 3 individual

 think pad - template  

 story hats  - questions based on De Bono's thinking hats 

The Beach

Bloom's activities  - learning centre

picture association - learning centre

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - learning centre

picture association - endangered animals

Bloom's activities - endangered animals

thinker's keys  - endangered animals

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - Australian Desert

Australian Desert picture association - learning centre

Bloom's activities  - Australian Desert

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - rainforests

picture association - rainforests

Bloom's activities  - rainforests

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - desert

picture association - desert

Bloom's activities  - desert



thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - Australian Wetlands

Bloom's activities  - Australian Wetlands

picture association -Australian Wetlands

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan -  Australian Rainforests

picture association  - Australian Rainforests

Bloom's activities  - Australian Rainforests

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - wetlands

Bloom's activities  - wetlands

picture association - wetlands

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - ocean

Bloom's activities  - ocean

picture association - ocean



thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - Australian Ocean

picture association - Australian Ocean

Bloom's activities  - Australian Ocean

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - Australian Bush

picture association - Australian Bush

Bloom's activities  - Australian Bush

thinker's keys - Tony Ryan - Great Barrier Reef

picture association - Great Barrier Reef

Bloom's activities  - Great Barrier Reef







working mathematically

working mathematically 2


Information Technology


 uses of info tech in the community  - assessment

computer skills  - assessment


how people use computers  - assessment

 database usage  - assessment


computer parts