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Religious Education

My Family Our Church Love The Kingdom of God Mass

My family  - procedural text


The Bible

The Bible - shared reading

The Bible - assessment






"Church" means 

making an altar









"Love one another" - colour by number



God is...   - assessment

God's image  - display





Making a crown


Free Will

free will action plan

good and bad choices






making an altar - procedural text

Gathering in God's name - Matt 18:19-20

Sign of the Cross - worksheet

Sign of the Cross  - display

objects on the altar   - labelling

Mass responses   - display

Mass responses   - worksheet

We go to Mass - mini book

We go to Mass - big book

Parts of the Mass - assessment

objects on the altar   - display

  Large Prayers Personal Prayers and Reflections Worksheets Displays



Bless this School

Glory Be to the Father

Act of Contrition

Circle Me - prayer

Creation Prayer

Praise God - Psalm 148:1-4

Praise God 2 - Psalm 148:9-13




Novena to St. Theresa

God Is Like...

Installing Love

I've Learned

St. Therese's Prayer

Mother Theresa   - words of wisdom

New Year  - prayer

The child and the Maestro




Morning Prayer - procedural text

Morning Prayer - display

prayer - plan

Sorry Prayer  - plan

Sorry Prayer - publishing

Our Father - cloze activity

Our Father - rebus puzzle

Our Father

Hail Mary - cloze activity

Gathering in God's name - Matt 18:19-20 

Sign of the Cross - worksheet

personal prayer journal

Our Father - display 

Hail Mary - display

Sign of the Cross  - display

Glory Be - display

Act of Contrition - display






I Believe - John Burland

Sing to God - John Burland

One Family - John Burland









  The Sacraments  





Symbols of the Sacraments mobile

Symbols of the Sacraments - assessment






"Eucharist" means  

Eucharist symbols 

bread mobile 

First Eucharist bookmarks

Eucharist think pad






Baptism symbols

Baptism symbols - assessment

Baptism Ychart







Confirmation symbols 

"Fruits of the Spirit" tree

"Fruits of the Spirit"  - display

The Holy Spirit thinkboard

Confirmation think pad  






Sorry Prayer  - plan

Sorry Prayer - publishing

Reconciliation - assessment

broken heart - forgiveness

forgiveness display

Act of Contrition

Reconciliation poster

Reconciliation think pad

a good friend display - procedural text

a peaceful classroom - y chart